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Click to enlarge picture Mike Sonksen
Mike Sonksen
Californian Poets Part 4: Five Poems
Mike Sonksen




Social formation
Sociological imagination
Intersecting biography
personal history
Artistic forms
Marry the popular
with the scholarly

History making
Human agency
Social relations
Organize reality
Social locations
Share authority
Think dialectically
Geographic literacy
Self determination
Public history
Neuro-Linguistic programming

I see it, I feel it, I know it, I got it

I was born in Long Beach
lived all my life in LA county
though I’ve stayed local
I grew up jumping geography
running around the city
working in every corner
I found my community
performing poetry &
writing neighborhood stories
I learned what it means
To be accountable
teaching high school &
raising my kids
we are all interconnected

Layers of identity
The daily practice:
Types of practicality
the present history
future of responsibility
so we sing about society
This is Sociology

Transformative solidarity
Problems, methods,
All of this sociology
Really just comes
Back to you & me

Architectonic City

Architectonic City

Broadacre City

City Center

Central City

Celestial City

Carceral City

Digital City

Edge City

Forbidden City

Future City

Garden City

Golden City

Gotham City

Iron City

Invisible City

Imperial City

Infinite City

Imaginary City

International City

October City

Radiant City

Titan City

City Beautiful

City as Shopping Mall

City as Dining Hall

City as Museum

City as Monument

City as classroom

City as Wilderness

City as Postcard

City as Landmark

City of Towers

City of Fire

City of Lights

City of Night

City of Vision

City of Ambition

City of Insiders

City of Love

City of Violence

City of Music

City of Silence.

Sonic Architecture

City Architecture
Architectonic City
Joy of Architecture
Seven Lamps of Architecture
Poetics of Architecture
Storybook Architecture
Fortress Architecture
Handcrafted Architecture
Craftsman Architecture
Baroque Architecture
Audio Architecture
Ada Louise Huxtable on Architecture
Churrigueresque Architecture
Southern California Institute of Architecture
Louis Sullivan on Architecture
Information Architecture
Programmatic Architecture
Greco-Roman Architecture
Architecture of Humanism
Atlantic Architecture
Victorian Architecture
Vernacular Architecture
Vancouver Architecture
Romanesque Architecture
Romance of Architecture
Architecture of Happiness
Modernist Architecture
Postmodern Architecture
Hostile Architecture
Brutalist Architecture
Future of Architecture
Respect Architecture

Traces, Places, Faces

Traces, places, faces
Connecting spaces
Cultural, historical, personal
3 realms of interpretation
channels for communication
A Way to Rainy Mountain
We slow down the conversation
writing morning pages
positions of contemplation
bridging liminal spaces
Interdisciplinary relations
Intersecting history & biography
Tracing the lineage through
Journeys, Natures, Conflicts,
Knowledges, LA Stories,
print, sound, light
fight the good fight
My students write about
personal artifacts like the ring
gifted to them by their grandfather
after the Armenian Genocide
We put the heart
in liberal arts


Uncovering, a series of marks, an outline,
a passage, a record or physical indication
of something that vanished, an etching,
a great turning of pages,
take time to see the traces
Observations in an essay,
a litany of lyrics, Critical cartography
Public history, Cultural geography
Ecofeminism & deep ecology
My students & I took a walk along
the Concrete River talking about
Man versus nature


I met my wife in a piano bar
downstairs from the hip hop room
A circle of friends singing
on the dancefloor everyday
is your birthday!
Social locations
A locale, locus, location, a station, a designated area
of meaningful activity, a center of memory, a region,
a facility, a landmark, a natural site, a waterfall,
an architectural marvel, connected to experience,
an open mic, a Socratic dialogue,
two feral cats in my backyard


Back in the 1980s I was
picking mint leaves with
my Grandmother in Long Beach
People are a beacon, family, women & men in the city,
friends, colleagues, associates, long lost cohorts
from childhood, aces of the neighborhood, uniting
heart & mind together spending time
lets bring it back to the work
that reconnects
building community
draw your history
a reframing
Intergenerational exchanging
Sharing authority
It comes back to you & me
sharing space
traces, places, faces

Who’s To Say What Architecture Is?

Who’s to say what Architecture is?

Citizens, historians or the critics?

See it for yourself or read the theorists.

Drive a truck like Mike Davis.

Fortress architecture is geopolitics.

Who’s to say what Architecture is?

Sci-Arc or Architectural Digest?

Frank Lloyd Wright or Le Corbusier?

See it for yourself or read the theorists.

Frank Gehry is a Deconstructivist

The Bilbao Effect attracts tourists.

Who’s to say what Architecture is?

Louis Sullivan’s Function of Ornament,

Jewel Box Banks & steel skyscrapers.

See it for yourself or read the theorists.

City knowledge comes from reconnaissance.

Walk the streets like Jane Jacobs.

Who’s to say what Architecture is?

See it for yourself or read the theorists.