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Click to enlarge picture Click to enlarge picture. Four Poems
Giles Goodland



Black Ant

Max Muller meets Max Miller
Political body is a panzer division
Grain thithers its motoreye
The reichstags are disassembled
Uprise sailwinged from the pavings
Light makes message across the dust
Push drugs sleep well solve crimes fix bugs
Do not lean on or out of the world
Lost songs roll on the pavement
I have captured the joyful aphids
Their senses are minute
Eyes build from pressurized shadow
A particle of crack moves its clockwork
Traffic pushing in the eye is arm of the state
Seek the warble in the meat the flaw
A tightening flame dreams my head open
What is it that we are articles of
Take apart the sand lyrics from the news
City is what is underground
Deep in our holes we celebrate mass
Embody the paving’s stored energy
Write our commentaries on the patio
The road is the western eye
Far-reaching end in itself is answerable to state
The sentence all the time is the chain pulling
We must farther a reductionary assembly-line
Our sand pyramids are destroyed by cloud-gods
Do not give more importance to mountain than to I
An aphid sets the handgun to hazelight
Forkforth the fellowfalling infobot
A postFordist sphere is not private
Startarnished semimetal is rustistant
Tightbeltedly we clamber the scenetrail
Unarrange the earthed colonists
Dragoon the redactionary outgangs
Flowers reproduce from ash
The words spoken over the child swarm
Avert eyes from man picking nose
We are centaurs in the dragonworld
Learn of the green world what can be place
Think of the letter before A: we cannot know its shape
Large woman walks small dog
Do not stand in the hatched area
Pheronomenon smells of language.


I was a penis in my previous wife
committed derelictation of durty
plumping a tormulted skinurge
I cockscrewed my sensors in a thoughsand
sweat nosethings with raspeyes and secret
juices, minoture to an atomation
my fecifork palpered
as a postnatural folkdevil felched
roseflesh in bat of the eyeless
nudescending a stircease
she slept open my head and afar
voices when the door ajarred
surmounted the furnurture
scrawled over the coverletter
I fleshened my hemispears into
mouthhook to oilwell in limbage
as my entined inslider or genital mouth
in everesting faunication
wounded the heel the bed mine-
shafted into bitternest on the nerve
injecutives rawfully tampering
like exworkers in the exindustry
by anthorn and andlelights
benightly a pistonish alpdancer
manchined the onanimal chinch
to prick a crimped plastron
with illwilling resistungs to emblody
the grozet throne with blaeber and some
thing in my dreams messed with me
it showed me my wife’s new dick
illicit suckler of gubernation that
lovesickened the nightsweats
secrept the wounderer these are the
legintimate pictures blood makes as it
drowns its godheaded hook against
the fully amourtipped grindson full
cocked and bedusted the entryways
he who hinderstands the bedveil
wanks in the moltel of the eyeclot.

Cuckoo Spit

Six things must exist first: the desire, the leaf, organ of release, loss of knowledge, cloud-cover, a sturdy wormform, sleepclot. The shadow murmurs and you turn around to say pardon and see the massed forms of your enemies in streetlight. Step out of the cloud, big man, your song is the wrong size, read the Terms and Conditions. As workers in the creative industries we admisinter the intibody memechasm infeasting on the silverse metaforemost the crawling flaw under the mighty leaf is aware as a bird lifting its ledge and repeating the earth, the earth, how the self absorbends in the gardenden’s jejaculate nucleolus of angel between the last audible and the first visible emerge with red as do; orange as real; yellow as me; blue as far; green as soul; indigo as law; violet as see atinous nodebody coloulded as forearmed is foamed sliminal frothcoming a word can be catch in the breath, flesh that wakes to the senses, unscramble from each phoneme to
produce lickspittle and afflate frogspatter opens its ounce of ocean prescient with lightclots. We marvel at the small number of qualities we know out of the infinite number which must exist the serpentwine or sputummy clottage sleepreads milkdreams of sperminside the spintle preconsuming this that insists into my fingers and graves new flyaways. When the word dies in the pen the death which upsets the ratio and changes the quality also predicates the future, tearselfs to misembody the mucivore topheaven each action is assented in antimatter by symmetry of principle—likewise from the antimaterial world come abruptions explicable only in terms of symmetries replicating in the palace of many windows lives a frog who is prince of shine, he had his foot on the pulse in the wormworld underleaf sleeps crystals into the eyes over handspills in light of Christriste, silent as slate when the slughole headflow unbecomes, pulpitrater of the magpire. They return
to works from which the meaning has erased, concentration motion-captures the smells of prose, feeds this to the blureau of invaginations. Timesunk the sputummy meltals despirit selferasure of glatinous indead between facebook and dream, sometimes I cannot recollect on which forum it was I made a statement or followed a long argument respectre of the inchrich rainblowed the reflutable organasm in great numbers snails come along the wall and glide horns-forward across my childrens’ arms: skin-sensitive, knowledgeable. The episode becomes one of what might become, the lump in the throat, the form the poem is writing, in the never-weeded corner in the dust at the end of the eye to drool eggfroth the flypits workflow surfacing as froghopper your face is a rose washing itself that had had too much to resist, forked inside it were lice and scents, soon it will hurl its first petal who spittoons his gumnettle habitacle to splutter to-and-froth insert god’s
message to the people here: where soil supports an argument between light and water with the air mediating it is compromised of cuckoon and encapsulated encloseme irrefly the cloteared misterror the flow, the meat we take from them leaves no unconsumed overvomit incurring spunitive damagines emergeering in lifelike mealone presciently reconciled in strongholds. The proper expansion of the abbreviation is not quite certain or the head sprouts its tough grass that tells on the lip the inordinate-fondness beetle, crowds of unknowers address the problem of sleeplessness in paradise. Darling, time broke in to your face. You walk to the scrawnful starchamber where yolkfolk plc. (a wholly-owned subcidery of toadspittle and magnot inc.) will give you the name of a beautiful insect. They spread jesus on their bread, remain the fagend in their own lifetime. Unsealing squeegee to sleep-slip a shakeshandy foulmouth in murmurums untermenschened, there is scuzz on the urmur, tunnelvisionary glare from your fastness blathering to name the tiny figure of an eye in the market driveling impulse of armour is just a film of armour, I open my arm for you, glisten to the cloudworn glandfather, gluten tunneled a sipid scrapture. Refer to the deferendum, your vote is soft, it swings, floating vomiters come this way, frogspwan of the dead, the eye, lurchend an allover headspill practice deskapology on the presistent scarpture hereby captured the flybot bubblebath in serioeconomic locomotivations of Night.

Bot Fly

Being time, this is my skin bullet, no nonsent is earsense composed of rings with a double row of acuminated teeth, undercarriage engaged—furnished with hooks, for taking hold of an inner coat formed of an oestrange substance, and inboxing four tubes o the shadow bursts from inside. Here it spends the winter, and the following summer, perceive this as fast, the action wronging in the eye, the pouring forth of sun when it is about an inch long, it disengages, and being carried through the intestines, burrows in the glowth; and changes into an oval black pupa with spiny amputands, from which, in some weeks, the perfect gilgamesh the godleaf the person sitting across from you is empty like a little tin pot. His name’s Pol Pot, he hurt a lot, can see our real shapes and straing the motable televiolin, distressing it very much by the annoyance which it gives in the whitish crown of the head unchanted, the thorax black, retractile within one another, like
pieces of telescope; by means of this organ a hole is pierced in an ox's hide, the fly is elegleant in depositing her egg, not that the stalked figures are night they have openings for you and heave themselves past windows. Cattle exhibit excitement and rush about, quicklips stretched forward, tails stuck out, feeding upon juices beneath the skin, forming a sac within which it grows amidst purulent matter suited to its appetite; and from which it finally unmuzzles its further transformations in the ground. Blades appeared in memory that could tense the rain singign a xenagogue humisphere. It is of a grayish colour, with large head and yellow face, and is most abundant in damp woody mantracks. Sheep exhibit great alarm when it approaches them, and seem to seek, by throbbing their noses to the ground, and by incessant motion of feet, to keep it from their nostrils. Escape demolition only by growing. Ungum the moon, polish it so in the land where sand is
kin to cloud, the poor animals run thither and thether, snorting and in great mentalmorphosis. The common saying, that a whimsical person is maggoty, or has maggots in his walmart, perhaps arose from the freaks the sheep exhibit when infested by bots. We are insists applying rain to the fingers we have buzzed out of the sluices of his mouth open that which is fed, a feeding a simple dream to distress from. It is in the floundress of the sheep that this fly selfseals, and the lipletters, when hatched, make their way into sinuses, I found movement under my skin since overtaken on the tongue’s slipway feeding upon the juices, until they are ready to change into betterflies, her who hisitates is list, when they find their way again through the nostrils to the sleepage. These larvae move with considerable dirigibility, holding by mouthhooks, and contracting and elongating skinflakes following collapse of stout party the publicsphere regurges into an abstract of the rosebud palpables dreamend of foulegged lullabides. When noonstruck the sweatlicker heatsecrets unnature the immagerial raincharm and ungorges the wordfall janglage. In this case, misundersunder is a superterranean partmutter. 33% of organizations downloaded at least one infected file with unknown malware new obfuscation tools enabled hackers to bypass detection by antimalware software 27% of datamounts ripped searchbots in zero-day exploits 14% of organizations experienced a user downloading malware every two hours or less with torrents, anonymizers, peer-to-peer sharing applications used every nine minutes to combat other forms of bot-driven crime such as man-in-the-browser financial fraud e-commerce and automated attacks on websites such as Distributed Denial of Service 22% of digital display advertising traffic worldwide is driven by bots which exploited a number of vulnerabilities including Apache Struts, Tomcat and Elasticsearch
the infected system contacts a remote host via selfupdating features the command-and-control centers for the payloads are located in Asia every 49 minutes sensitive data is sent outside an organisation 47% of the organisations detecting such communication attempts at a rate of one per hour each of these communication attempts is an occasion for the bot to exfiltrate sensitive data outside the affected organisation 86% of organisations have at least one high-risk application and these include peer-to-peer file sharing applications as well as anonymisers 32% of intrusion prevention systems had configuration vulnerabilities 1% was controlled by a computer model of the basal ganglia 3% of adware was gubernational or antenational 48% of crypters had downtime runtime errors in their rootkits 16% of malworms firewalled smartphones 13% of end-users keylogged movemental vulnerabilities when circumventing the backdoor worm or toxing the popup trojanware 99% were vulnerable, hid themselves, their faces.