The International Literary Quarterly

November 2007

The International Literary Quarterly
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I am delighted to welcome you to Issue 1 of The International Literary Quarterly.

We strive to publish the best in contemporary literature while shunning all ideological affiliations. Indeed, the driving force behind The International Literary Quarterly is that it be a broad church in the world of letters, a forum for outstanding poetry and prose, whether in its original version or in translation, and for criticism that is trenchant and thought-provoking.

Issue 1 features recent work by three of Scotland's leading authors (W.N. Herbert, Robert Alan Jamieson and Laura Marney); translations by Suzanne Jill Levine, who has also contributed some of her own work, and Thalia Pandiri; previously unpublished fiction by Lydia Davis, Gabriel Josipovici and Carol Novack; new poetry by George Szirtes; and an essay on the Italian author, Curzio Malaparte, by Daniel Gunn. All of these contributions are published alongside artwork by the review's Art Editor, Calum Colvin, the distinguished Scottish artist.

We hope that you will return to visit us three months from now. Writers do not exist in a void and literature is a collaborative process, a cross-fertilization of perceptions and ideas between the author and the reading public.

Best regards,
Peter Robertson