The International Literary Quarterly

February 2009


Donald Adamson
Robert Appelbaum
Rosemary Ashton
Sujata Bhatt
Stephen Burt
Rita Dove
Elaine Feinstein
Sophie Judah
John Kinsella
Ron Padgett
Pascale Petit
David Plante
David Shields
Susan Stewart
John Thieme

Founding Editor: Peter Robertson
Art Editor: Calum Colvin
Consulting Editor: Marjorie Agosín
Consulting Editor: Richard Berengarten
Consulting Editor: Jill Dawson
Consulting Editor: Denise Duhamel
Consulting Editor: Marilyn Gaull
Consulting Editor: Beatriz Hausner
Consulting Editor: Mimi Khalvati
Consulting Editor: Suzanne Jill Levine
Consulting Editor: Margot Livesey
Associate Editor: Neil Langdon Inglis
Assistant Editor:
Jeff Barry
Assistant Editor: Ana de Biase
Assistant Editor: Sophie Lewis
Issue 6 Guest Artist: Anthony Whishaw

The International Literary Quarterly
Click to enlarge picture Click to enlarge picture. Dear Guest,

I am delighted to welcome you to Issue 6 of The International Literary Quarterly.

One development now central to Interlitq is its recently incorporated blog. As all writers will know, the craft of writing is all too often a solitary pursuit and so, in a bid to counter the occupational hazard of isolation, the blog sets out to take a keen interest in the development of each writer who contributes to the review, commenting on authors’ recently published works, publicizing their scheduled appearances, taking heed of reviews and interviews that have appeared in the press, giving its support throughout to the literary trajectory of each contributor, and acting thereby as a long-term conduit between author and reader.  
And there can be no doubt that the reader will be delighted with the array of literary talent on display in Issue 6, with incisive critical articles by Donald Adamson, Robert Appelbaum and Rosemary Ashton; subtle, yet muscular, prose by Sujata Bhatt, Elaine Feinstein, Sophie Judah, David Plante, David Shields and John Thieme; and evocative, and highly original, poetry by Stephen Burt, Rita Dove, John Kinsella, Ron Padgett, Pascale Petit and Susan Stewart. And all these texts thrown into brilliant relief by the complementary artwork of Anthony Whishaw RA, one of the UK’s finest living artists.

With the beginning of March just a few days away, let me take this early opportunity to wish you a happy spring, and may you return to this site many times to visit us!

With warm regards,
Peter Robertson