The International Literary Quarterly

February 2008

The International Literary Quarterly
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Dear Guest,

I am delighted to introduce you to Issue 2 of The International Literary Quarterly.

With Europe still in the clutches of winter, it is appropriate that Calum Colvin, the review's Art Editor, has produced a series of stark, yet evocative, photographs to complement unpublished texts by some of our finest contemporary authors.


A central tenet of ILQ is that it play a part in sponsoring an ethos of literary internationalism. To this end, Issue 2 showcases new work by Aamer Hussein, brought up in Pakistan; Mimi Khalvati, born in Iran but raised in Switzerland; and Mohamed El-Bisatie, whose novel, exploring the mores of modern Egyptian life, is translated by Cairo-based Denys Johnson Davies.

Further exemplifying our commitment to the finest international talent, we are privileged to publish fiction by two front-rank North-American authors: Susan Daitch and Bret Anthony Johnston.

Closer to home, this issue is enriched by masterful contributions from four well-considered British writers: Jenny Diski, Sara Maitland, Dilys Rose and Iain Sinclair.

One treat after another, adding up to a literary feast this winter.

Best regards,
Peter Robertson